Maggies Journey


Maggie was the first official dog to join the Logan’s Rescue family. She was surrendered late June 2014 by her elderly owner in rough shape. Maggie had a skin condition that had gone untreated for a long time, probably most of her 2.5 years on earth. She was brought to the vet immediately for a check-up and was found to have a bacterial and yeast infection of her skin and ears. Maggie received pretty strong antibiotics and an oral antifungal to fight the skin infection for almost two months. She also received medical packing in her ears twice and was then transitioned to a daily ear treatment. During the initial month of recovery she received medicated baths every other day. Baths slowly decreased to twice a week, then once a week, to once every other week. Maggie will need to receive a medicated bath once a month for the rest of her life. 

Maggie at the vet the day after intake. She felt so poorly all she wanted to do was sleep.

It was a lot of work, but Maggie was worth it. When she first came to rescue she was scared, shut down, and even a little aggressive. Baths and ear treatments were a battle. Although her medical symptoms began to resolve in a few weeks, her emotional recovery took a little longer. As she began to feel better, her true personality began to show. Maggie was a spunky little lady! It turns out, Maggie loves to play with toys! She would chase after balls with the big dogs and even enjoyed hiking and swimming. She had a lot to offer in her little package! She was more social, less fearful, and not at all aggressive. Bath time and ear treatments were a breeze. Maggie had become a happy girl. She was ready to find her forever home.

Close up of Maggie’s skin. You can see how red, swollen and scaly her skin was. He rear paws (above) were completely furless and hot to the touch. Her back (right) was patchy and scaly. Her front legs (top right) had some fur, but the swelling created rolls where purulent discharge was found.

2.5 weeks into treatment - Maggie's skin was healthier, her fur began to grow back, and the swelling had decreased. The biggest improvement was seen in her hind legs (above).

In October 2014, Maggie found what she had been waiting for her whole life, a permanent, loving home. The Stewarts had been looking for a new addition to their family for the past few months when they came across Maggie on Petfinder. They knew at first sight that she was exactly what they were looking for. We at Logan's Rescue agreed, they had ample dachshund experience and the quiet, patient home environment that Maggie needed. After a few visits with the resident dachshund, Tyler, Maggie made the move. She settled into her new life quickly and is happily living life as she always should have been; as the Queen Bee! Maggie was our first success story, but we look forward to many more! Maggie is what rescue is all about.

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